​​​​Commission on Homelessness and Housing  FOR Volusia & Flagler Counties 

DCF COVID-19 Emergency Solutions Grant CV Funding Goals for Volusia and Flagler Counties 

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Volusia County Human Services 
West Volusia - 386-736-5956
Daytona Beach - 386-254-4675  
New Smyrna Beach - 386-423-3309  
Orange City - 386-775-5204

Flagler Cares 


The FL-504 Continuum of Care (CoC) is using the DCF COVID-19 ESG-CV funding for both short term and long-term goals. 

  • Short term goals include:  assisting COVID-19 impacted individuals and families with immediate housing solutions, strengthening housing-focused practices, and increasing its capacity of Street Outreach and Housing Search and Placement as applicable to ESG-CV funding and our areas demographics as described in this section.  The CoC plans on weaving together all ESG-CV components to implement an Intensive Rapid Re-housing program similar to the one the local Salvation Army used in 2015 which led to the FL-504 CoC being the only CoC in the state of Florida to end veteran homelessness by HUD’s goal of 2015 as vetted by USICH.
  • Long term goals include: strengthening the delivery of Coordinated Entry and prioritization process,  building capacity by increasing  Street Outreach and Housing Search and Placement within the scope of ESG-CV and other CARES ACT funding, and incorporating CDC guidelines for safe and effective practices for implementation of services into all levels of engagement for our CoC.   

COVID-19 Information and Resources 

VFCCH Outreach Office 
By appointment only

Link to American Foundation for the Blind list of various screen readers

In need of housing services due to COVID-19?

Link to NV Access dot org for free download of NVDA screen reader

Local Health Departments